Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blade of Execution "Brother's at War"; President Elect Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright

This is an interesting piece from the book "Messages". It gives promise of tomorrow with a warning not to be caught in yesterday. We have many challenges facing us now; social; political; religious; racial. I truly cannot wait until man as individuals accept the basic principles of acceptance and piece then war will have no place; tolerance wont just be a word inside of the dictionary but a practiced absolute. I pray that individuals reading this will learn to walk in peace and truly rebuke malice from their hearts; then we as a people can truly overcome and we as mankinds spawn can avoid the destruction awaiting at the end of our tempestuous actions. The peice "Blade of Execution" captures a bit of this mentality; listen to it and let the words release the self hate that is truly our adversary.

Have a peaceful Journey


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