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Author- Poet- Philosopher: Maurice Skillern
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"Messages" 2nd Edition
By Maurice Skillern

Undaunted Love; Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King from Maurice Skillern on Vimeo.



Blade of Execution "Brother's at War"; President Elect Barack Obama - Reverend Jeremiah Wright

This is an interesting piece from the book "Messages". It gives promise of tomorrow with a warning not to be caught in yesterday. We have many challenges facing us now; social; political; religious; racial. I truly cannot wait until man as individuals accept the basic principles of acceptance and piece then war will have no place; tolerance wont just be a word inside of the dictionary but a practiced absolute. I pray that individuals reading this will learn to walk in peace and truly rebuke malice from their hearts; then we as a people can truly overcome and we as mankinds spawn can avoid the destruction awaiting at the end of our tempestuous actions. The peice "Blade of Execution" captures a bit of this mentality; listen to it and let the words release the self hate that is truly our adversary.

Have a peaceful Journey



Poetry with both rhythmic and non-rhythmic rhyming schemes,
written with philosophical undertones, meant to stimulate new thoughts and ideologies.


Maurice Skillern has created a wonderful mixture of rhythmic verse and free flowing thought with his new book "Messages". It covers subject matter, thoughts, and ideas that far outdistance the status quo, leaving all who have read it pleasantly amazed. "Messages" though, is not just a poetry book but it is truly a marriage of unique thoughts in forms of both rhythmic prose and written word. We at Baseline International were simply astonished by the depth of the piece "Answers for the Children" found within its pages. An early editor's note that we feel closely captures the essence of the book.

(Maurice Skillern's poetic prose is unique, and his inspirations come in a very different, very personal way. It shows in his work. This man can WRITE!

Read his work, his "Pieces" as he calls them. You will be touched, torn, rattled, and made to think - and feel. These renderings of philosophical contemplation reach deep into the reader's gut for feelings that can't be exposed by mundane ponderings.

"Messages" contains messages for everyone who slips between the covers for the briefest foray into the possibilities open to Mankind. )

There are few writers today who will tackle the serious issues we face but Maurice Skillern accomplishes this in a subtle yet definitive fashion. Whispering (not shouting) new insights through his prolific use of words. One must truly see and read the entire book to experience the totality of his vision. His book, "Messages" is now available at all the major book stores and autographed copies can be acquired from Baseline International Publishing LLC (Baseline International Publishing). Also a sample of his work "Rapture" ( ) can be found on the Baseline International website. This particular piece delves into Revelations with a poetic flair that captures the essence of the question of where will you be when the rapture comes???

Maurice Skillern is currently featured on several online publications (see below) the list is growing at a steady pace. Check out some of the links below:

  1. View Maurice's press release for "Messages" at ( His press release has also been picked up by the Newspad site ( as well as by Eve's Den (
  2. Maurice is featured in the ePoetry Cafe of the eNewsmagazine "The Rock" (, where you will also find one of his favorite pieces "Mother" from the book "Messages". You can also view his interview by "the Rock" eMagazine located there in their Author's section (
  3. Maurice Skillern continues to progress in getting his "Messages" out to starving minds. He was recently chosen as a featured Poet on the Poetry Today Online site ( which has been proudly serving internet Poets since 1977.
  4. 15 April 2005
    Maurice was selected to be featured in the "Spotlight on Successful Brothers" section of the "My Brotha .com" ( website. This is an especially great honor for him and one that he takes to heart; for he feels to be recognized by ones brothers as successful in your lifetime endeavors is gratifying beyond words.
    Click on the link below to see his listing.
  5. 4 May 2005
    Maurice was given the wonderful privilege of speaking with the eighth grade classes at Wacoochee Jr. High School in Salem, Alabama. He spoke to these inquisitive minds about writing in general, poetry and staying on the right path. He closed his talk with reading selected pieces from his book "Messages" including one of his personal favorites "Mother". The students all enjoyed this interaction and asked many well thought out questions. They where actually working on poetry in their English class and found it intriguing to have an actual published poet come in and speak with them instead of viewing and reading about poetry only from their text books.

    Special note from Maurice Skillern:

    This experience of being given the honor of speaking with the eighth graders at Wacoochee Jr. High School was the most interesting interaction I have had thus far as a writer. I found all of the students attentive, inquisitive and filled with all the wonder of youth. I enjoyed this opportunity and look forward to many more opportunities to share my writings and experiences with today's youth. Special thanks to Mrs. Veronica Jefferson (The Teacher at Wacoochee Jr High who invited me to speak).
  6. June 2005
    Maurice has won the Let's Talk Honestly ( $25 prize for the month of June 2005. The poem that won the prize is "Rapture" from his book "Messages" ( Feel free to visit the Lets Talk Honestly Website, it is a great supporter and promoter of the art form of poetry.

    George L Cook III
    "African American Poetry, Literature, Sports, and Commentary"
  7. July 2005
    Maurice has been selected Featured Author of the month of July 2005 by "The Rogues Corner" website. Ms. Lena Scott , (interviewer) did a very attention-grabbing interview, it is entertaining, informative and filled with steamy jibs. This was a very enjoyable interview for Maurice where both his amusement and his humorous side are clearly shown in his responses. Go there (click on the link below) and see the interview and enjoy this witty and interesting site.
    (Rogues Corner Website).
  8. October 2005
    Maurice has been selected as a poet for the launch of Venue South (an online publication). The publication is shepherded by Terri Staten and Amani Francis, both are published authors who reside in Jacksonville, FL. These two native southern talents decided to provide an outlet for gifted contemporary writers who simply want to see their work come to life in print.
    Venue-A Southern Forum
  9. November 2005
    Maurice was selected to be the "Featured Author" for the month of November 2005 by the "Inspirational and Empowering" web-presence "Inspiring Beyond" ( See him featured there and also view the book review and author interview located in the motivation section on the website (
  10. November 2005
    Maurice was selected by Joseph McNair, Professor of education at Miami Dade College, Miami, Florida to be included in their internet resource of all writers of African descent since 1711 to the present. This is a great honor for him (to be added to this august pantheon of writers) and his appreciation knows no bounds (Thanks Professor McNair). View his and many of the other listings here (
  11. November 2005
    Maurice was selected and features in the "Poetry Special Issue" of The Forever Underground Magazine Issue # 3. His piece "My Madness My Gift" from the book "Messages" was the interesting piece they chose to publish.
    Forever Underground Magazine
  12. January 2006
    Maurice has been invited and will appear at the "Columbus Authors Day Celebration" in Columbus Georgia January 14, 2006. The celebration will be held at the Columbus Public Library (Columbus, Georgia); autographed copies of his book "Messages" will be available for purchase at the event and he is looking forward to being a part of the celebration. His CD of him reading from "Messages" may be available at that time, you can find out from him there at the event. We look forward to seeing you there.
  13. June 2006
    Be sure to go by and enjoy Maurices "Spoken Word Page" to hear him read some of the pieces from "Messages" that will be on his CD which will be available soon. Click on this link to go there now .
  14. 10 August 2007
    The second (revised) Edition of "Messages" is released and there will be a book release birthday party for Maurice Skillern in Memphis TN. To learn more about the event go to Maurice Skillern's news page of his website at ( News and Upcomming Events ) where you can also download a map to the evant.


In the end, we strongly feel that his work will be looked at as a classic for its unique combination of thoughts and emotions. Some as dark as Poe's, while others are as light as Maya Angelou. This unique dual-singularity will without doubt start a fire of new thoughts. To learn more about this author go to his information page at ( About the Author) or visit the Baseline International Publishing Homepage.

Maurice Skillern's official Web page can be visited at (, go there to keep posted on current projects and upcoming events.

Thank You

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